In Silico Medicine and Digital Twins are changing the future of medicine

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Watch our video for free and explore the potential of in silico medicine and digital twins

Our webinar on demand provides insights into the latest advancements in this field and how they can be applied in practice.


What will you learn?



How does the future of regulatory science look like



Impact and benefits of in silico in healthcare



How can you use in silico methods to digitalize and accelerate your R&D


Benefit from industry experts

Simq is the pioneer of in silico medicine and has a team of very experienced engineers, simulation and industry experts. With a global network and strong partners in industry and academia, Simq is one of the leading solution partners in medical technology.

Dr. Sven Herrmann has more than 12 years experience in medical engineering and computational biomechanics. Among others, he is a member of the ASME V&V 40 working group which focuses on the verification and validation of patient-specific computational models


Dr. Sven Herrmann

Director Consulting & Seminars